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Stay connected from anywhere on the Web with Facebook Messenger for Firefox

Mozilla, in concert with Facebook, announced on Monday – the official launch of Facebook Messenger for Firefox. According to Mozilla, Facebook Messenger for Firefox is built on Mozilla’s Social API for the Web.

“Facebook Messenger for Firefox lets you chat with friends and stay connected with their updates wherever you go on the Web, without needing to switch between or open a new tab. You can chat with your friends and family while doing anything from shopping online for the perfect gift, cheering your team on in the big game, watching a video or just surfing the Web. Of course, if you’re not feeling social, you can easily hide the sidebar or even disable the feature.”

To get started, you need to be running the latest Firefox browser or at least version 17 and then visit the Facebook Messenger for Firefox page and click “Turn On.”

Facebook Messenger for Firefox

Once you enable the feature, you’ll get a social sidebar with your Facebook chat and updates, like new comments and photo tags. You’ll also get notifications for messages, friend requests and more that you can respond to right from your Firefox toolbar. In essence, this means you could even be on Twitter and get and reply to an IM from a friend on Facebook all within your current tab or window! Or you can even pull a fast one on your eagle-eyed superior at work – you would no longer need to open up Facebook in a separate browser tab to stay connected to your social network. Cool, right? It depends…

According to the release from Mozilla: “Facebook integration is just the start of making Firefox more social. We’ll soon add support for more features and multiple providers.” What do you make of this? Are you going to try the new feature? Tell us in your comments.