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Microsoft tells IE haters – Get a life!

If you still loathe Internet Explorer, even at version 10, you are a nitwit.

You are probably a despondent, lonely twerp whose life sucks – and you are perhaps taking out your misery on a browser, sitting at your station, night in night out posting balderdash and negative comments about the browser.

It’s not so shocking though, all you have achieved was win a karaoke competition at a bar in your hood back in 2008.

Please don’t get your wires crossed, I’m not being mean – these ‘harsh’ thoughts and sentiments were expressed by Microsoft in their new ad for the Internet Explorer.

The ad portrays an uninitiated man-child hitting away at his keyboard while drinking dark coffee from his ‘I-trash-IE’ mug. He spent the whole night posting ‘IE SUCKS’ over and over again on Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the Internet.

He wont even be consoled when he sees on Twitter that: “IE adopts an island of kittens and donates them all to children everywhere!!! #Kids+KittiesRULE.”

All of a sudden he sees that IE has introduced a new karaoke Web standard. This despondent, loveless gentleman, you see, was a karaoke grand master at Coco’s Bar and Grill in 2008.

He finally lights up and thinks… ‘IE SUCKS less.’ A sort of happy ending right? I think Internet Explorer has not been a lot of headache – what it used to be – since version 9. Microsoft tends to brag that version 10 is her comeback! What do you think?