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Google launches +1 button for the web

While Google was busy being the be-all and end-all of the open web, a student in his Harvard dorm room was busy developing an application that would eventually dominate the social web. Today, Facebook is undoubtedly Google’s most powerful threat as search becomes more social by the split second.
To ‘step up their game’, Google announced, few days ago, their release of the +1 Button for the entire web, effectively acting as Google’s version of the Facebook ‘Like’ or Twitter ‘Tweet’ button. As a result, you will start seeing +1s appear on sites across the Internet. The +1 button will allow you to share search results and adverts on When other users within your Google Chat contacts, people in your “My Contacts” group in Contacts, and people you’re following in Google Buzz and Reader search, the results will be marked similarly to the way they are now with Facebook ‘Likes’.

For example, I “plus one (+1)” a story on Social Media and we are Google Chat friends. The next time you do a search about Social Media, you will see the story I marked with a +1.

Sign in to create your first +1

Just like you need a Facebook account to start clicking Like buttons, the same is true of the +1 button because without a Google profile it is no good to you. A lot of us have Google accounts by default from using services like Youtube, Gmail, GTalk, Analytics and Adsense. etc. If you still haven’t seen the +1 on your Google searches, it’s because Google still have some back-stage loose ends to fix! To jump in right away and see recommendations from your friends and contacts in Google search, make sure you’re signed into your Google Account and head over to Google Experiments page. While on the page, opt in by selecting the +1 button “Join This Experiment” option and you can start sharing content on the web.

Getting Google’s +1 button for your site

Add the google plus one button to your site
If you’re a webmaster, you can get the +1 button code and learn more about implementation on Google’s +1 webmaster site.

According to Google, +1 buttons across the web would make it even easier for you to recommend content to your friends and contacts, and make search results even more helpful and relevant. Hope you’d start sharing today? Cheers!