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Facebook Pages you may know nothing about: Couples and Friendship

It’s no longer news that Facebook is now the largest social network – what with the one billion of us on the platform? What? You didn’t know that before now – like seriously? Okay, okay, there are now over 1 billion people on the giant network! Need I tell you what that means for you, your business or your brand? Actually, I wouldn’t really object to doing that, but you could find out here!

Back to the real purpose of this post, you are reading to find out the new features on Facebook, aren’t you? Well before we get on with it, I have had mixed-feelings about most new features or additions on the world’s biggest social network, just like you I guess! Some additions or modifications have left us asking for more, while others have been most undesirable, to say the least! Should I jog your memory a bit? News feeds, Ads, Brand Pages, and Timeline to mention just a few!

Actually, Facebook friendship pages have been around for about two years – probably you just did not take note of them! To see the Facebook version of a friendship with someone in your network, go to their page/timeline and click the gear icon at the top right of the page. Click “see friendship.” I bet you like what you see? You get to see everything you and your friend have shared on Facebook. Those pages have just been adapted to look ‘timeline-ish.’

Now to the crux of the matter, Facebook pages for Couples! If you are listed as “in a relationship” on Facebook, head over to Go on, do it now! There, you will see a timeline of the updates, photos, events and so on that you and your significant other have both been tagged in. In short, the page is the newly launched digital version of the relationship between you and the special person in your life! Wouldn’t you rather share your ‘moments’ with the rest of the world? There’s a share button for you to do just that!

So what do you think about both pages? I must say that acceptance for the couple pages have not been very encouraging across the ‘web-o-sphere.’ You could safely replace that word with the Internet, if it was mind-bending for you! Who owns the page when the two people “in a relationship” are no longer together? More questions than answers, right?

Before you jump to tell me what you think about the new pages for couples on the comments, I like to add some, somewhat, breaking news from Facebook: It’s impossible to delete the pages, Facebook says, but you can control the content with appropriate privacy settings on your posts.

I almost can’t wait to read your comments… Please air your views below.