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Facebook is changing ‘Subscribe’ button to ‘Follow’

The ‘Subscribe’ feature has been on Facebook for over a year. The button sits in the top-right corner of each of your friend’s profiles, providing the option to dial down the number of updates you receive. The ‘Subscribe’ button lets you get updates from people, celebrities, journalists and anyone else you want to hear more from, who are not necessarily your friend on the social network. And as your friends aren’t the only ones who might like your photos or posts, the feature also allows you share with anyone on Facebook, and find people with the same interests – only if you have it enabled.

However, just like a week ago, according to ‘The Next Web‘, Facebook announced that the ‘Subscribe’ buttons would now be called ‘Follow‘ buttons because it is better with the service although the buttons would still function the same way.

“Today we are updating the term ‘Subscribe’ to become ‘Follow’ across the site, as we found it is a term that resonates better with people using the service.”

Actually in everyday use, you subscribe to magazines, newsletters, pod casts, etc. A line of thought Facebook tend to share. And what’s more, across social networks, ‘Follow’ might actually be a more appropriate speak for what the feature entails and what people are used to – just like you have on Twitter, for example. What are your views about this change? Feel free to leave a comment below.