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Social Media

Twitter rolls out the option to download all tweets to some users

It would appear that the multiple promises of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to make downloadable tweets available by the end of 2012 are now being fulfilled. You would soon be able to download all of your tweets since your account was created, and some users have already been privileged to try out this new feature. Twitter has begun a gradual […]

Facebook is changing ‘Subscribe’ button to ‘Follow’

The ‘Subscribe’ feature has been on Facebook for over a year. The button sits in the top-right corner of each of your friend’s profiles, providing the option to dial down the number of updates you receive. The ‘Subscribe’ button lets you get updates from people, celebrities, journalists and anyone else you want to hear more from, who are not necessarily your […]

Stay connected from anywhere on the Web with Facebook Messenger for Firefox

Mozilla, in concert with Facebook, announced on Monday – the official launch of Facebook Messenger for Firefox. According to Mozilla, Facebook Messenger for Firefox is built on Mozilla’s Social API for the Web. “Facebook Messenger for Firefox lets you chat with friends and stay connected with their updates wherever you go on the Web, without needing to switch between or […]

Microsoft tells IE haters – Get a life!

If you still loathe Internet Explorer, even at version 10, you are a nitwit. You are probably a despondent, lonely twerp whose life sucks – and you are perhaps taking out your misery on a browser, sitting at your station, night in night out posting balderdash and negative comments about the browser. It’s not so shocking though, all you have […]

Facebook Pages you may know nothing about: Couples and Friendship

It’s no longer news that Facebook is now the largest social network – what with the one billion of us on the platform? What? You didn’t know that before now – like seriously? Okay, okay, there are now over 1 billion people on the giant network! Need I tell you what that means for you, your business or your brand? […]

Don’t you just like competitions? Sometimes it makes us bury our heads in the sand, at other times, it just brings out the best in each of us. For Social Media, the latter seems to be the case as Facebook appears to be offering the best of all possible worlds. Haven’t you noticed the new Googlish features on Facebook – […]

That Social Networks have become a huge part of our lives is no longer debatable, what is more arguable is whether we need another network!! Even people who do not have accounts or profiles on Facebook or use  Twitter, have the faintest ideas what goes on, on these networks. If you ever sit infront of the TV these days, you […]

While Google was busy being the be-all and end-all of the open web, a student in his Harvard dorm room was busy developing an application that would eventually dominate the social web. Today, Facebook is undoubtedly Google’s most powerful threat as search becomes more social by the split second. To ‘step up their game’, Google announced, few days ago, their […]

Finally Twitter releases ‘follow button’ for websites – which means staying in touch with your audience on the microblogging platform just got a lot easier! According to the Twitter blog, “for publishers and brands, adding the Follow Button to your website and using Twitter to stay connected with your audience is a powerful combination. People who follow your account are […]