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Microsoft tells IE haters – Get a life!

If you still loathe Internet Explorer, even at version 10, you are a nitwit. You are probably a despondent, lonely twerp whose life sucks – and you are perhaps taking out your misery on a browser, sitting at your station, night in night out posting balderdash and negative comments about the browser. It’s not so shocking though, all you have […]

You can now send files up to 10GB on Gmail

Just two days ago, I told you about the improved search  features on Gmail, if you thought those were cool — you would love this even more! Have you ever wanted to send very large files by email attachments before? Just few weeks ago I had to help a not-so-tech-savvy guy in the next office to mine compress and zip […]

Faster and Improved Search in Gmail and on Google

Do you remember this ‘slogan’ from one of Nigeria’s telecommunications company – ‘the best just got better!’? And that remains a matter of individual opinions up till today! Now, the same can be said of free email service by Google, widely known as Gmail. Google has always introduced new feature that would warm any heart. I particularly like the mobile […]

Facebook Pages you may know nothing about: Couples and Friendship

It’s no longer news that Facebook is now the largest social network – what with the one billion of us on the platform? What? You didn’t know that before now – like seriously? Okay, okay, there are now over 1 billion people on the giant network! Need I tell you what that means for you, your business or your brand? […]

Don’t you just like competitions? Sometimes it makes us bury our heads in the sand, at other times, it just brings out the best in each of us. For Social Media, the latter seems to be the case as Facebook appears to be offering the best of all possible worlds. Haven’t you noticed the new Googlish features on Facebook – […]